Good article Dan. One thing that I don't see considered here as a cause for the decline of participation in Christian beliefs and traditions is the correlation with the steep rise in literacy over the past two centuries, and most importantly and recently the rise of Social Media.

I don't know this as a fact, but if I were to guess, the broad and widespread ease of access to information and countless other opinions, ideas, and beliefs to be had on these platforms is probably a contributing factor here. …


Everyone knows the battle. Most have taken part in it at some point or the other. Anti-Vax? Pro-Vax? The debate rages on both sides. I would like to share here my opinion on the matter, and try to break it down to some key focal points.

How to read this article

I want to make sure I am understood and heard in this article. I don’t want this to be a raging flame-out, but rather an open, sincere, and mostly neutral place to make a few points and ask a few questions. First I will go into the philosophy of forced health-care decisions and related…

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Asynchronous code can be confusing sometimes. Most people understand a callback: “Call me when you are done”. Simple. But what about Promises? Though Promises make our lives easier in many ways, they themselves can sometimes be confusing. Let’s start with the most mundane question: “What is a Promise?”

The answer is actually surprisingly simple. A Promise is simply a glorified callback. Or, more accurately, it is an object that one can attach multiple callbacks to. That really is all there is to it.

Let’s look at a few examples. First, we have the “old” callback way:

function doSomeLongAsynchronousOperation(callMeWhenDone) {…

We all know the story: Girl goes to the bar looking for a good time (and possibly more), only to find a sardine can full of drunk horny men who have never been taught the correct way to treat a lady. So instead of a good time, the girl leaves feeling objectified, lonely, and intoxicated with the idea that all men suck, that she will remain lonely for the rest of her life, and a little more bigoted towards the far too many under expressed, lonely, sexually frustrated men of our society.

We all know the story: Boy goes to…

The debate rages on,
“We need gun control!”
“Taking away guns will result in Nazi America and concentration camps!”
“Civil rights!” blah blah blah… The newest form of manipulation really gets to me: “Our children are begging for action, they are dying and crying out!”
Yes, yes they are, but not over gun control. They are crying out for hope, for a chance, for a future. Also, it would be nice if we as a society could refrain from using our children as pawns in our game of chess.

Can we please pause for a moment, take a deep breath…

The Machine — Human gap

Disclaimer: I am not inherently against the paleo diet, nor is this article an attempt at bashing GoLang. I only hope to share a simple and powerful truth that I feel is often undervalued.

I have had many an argument with fellow software engineers over a very simple and powerful concept: metaprogramming. The debate rages from, “it makes code too hard to read!” and, “it is impossible to debug”, all the way to, “it shouldn’t be used because my mom said so.” Okay… really, my mom didn’t say so; but you see what I am getting at.

We all have…

Wyatt Greenway

Long time professional and hobbyist software enthusiast

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